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The Islands of The Bahamas

The Bahamas is made up of a chain of 700 islands and 2,400 cays covering an area of over 5,000 square miles. It is an Independent country, having gained independence from Britain in 1973.

Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas with a large majority of the population residing there. Bahamians generally are dynamic, proud and friendly people with a great passion for life, vitality and music. This is amazingly displayed in the local festival, Junkanoo, held twice every year. Religion is also an important part of Bahamian life and churches are plentiful.

The current government of the Bahamas is the Free National Movement who won the election in 2007. Elections are held every five years.

You will find no better place for your financial investments than the islands of The Bahamas. The country does not levy taxes on capital gains, corporate earnings, personal income, sales, inheritance or dividends. This tax freedom is available to all resident corporations, partnerships, individuals and trusts. In addition, corporations find that the investment-friendly policies and laws, as well as the stable economy, make the islands of The Bahamas an ideal place to establish a business.

New Providence & Paradise Island

Nassau, capital city of The Bahamas, resides on the island of New Providence, neighbour to Paradise Island. The island pair of New Providence and Paradise Island remains a very precious jewel in the necklace of islands separating the Atlantis Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico. Nassau offers a variety of experiences—from nonstop excitement to laid-back, peaceful relaxation. Nassau is the centre of industry, commerce and communications and presents a special charm which captures the elegance of the old world, while incorporating the modern features, luxuries and sophistication of the new. Here, one will find traditional, colonial architecture, duty-free shopping, exciting attractions, thrilling land, pristine beaches, a variety of water sports, unique cultural activities and delightful cuisine.

Linked to Nassau by bridge is the famed Paradise Island, home to gorgeous beaches, a world class golf course, the most plush hotels in the Caribbean, world-renown casinos and of course world class entertainment. Paradise Island is home to world famous, one-of-a-kind Atlantis, which remains in a class all by itself in the hospitality and tourism industries. Kerzner International has also made Paradise Island the home of its very exclusive One and Only Ocean Club resort, rated number one in its region.

The pair of islands maintains a distinct blend of international glamour and tropical ease, giving travellers the freedom to do everything, or nothing at all.

To obtain travel information and other details on Nassau, New Providence, Paradise Island or any of the Bahamas Out Islands, feel free to visit the official website of The Bahamas at


The Bahamas is perfectly located--less than 100 miles of the coast of Florida, a few hours by ship or twenty minutes by plane. This beautiful country serves as the perfect location to build your second home, and under new legislation it is easy for foreigners to become permanent Bahamian residents. If you want to buy a permanent home, getting permanent residence (without the right to work) is easy: 
In order to speed up the entrance of foreign funds into the country, international applications for annual or permanent residence by major investors who purchase residences valued over $500,000 have practically automatic approval. For years all of the attention and business has gone to Nassau the capital city. An increase in globalization of vacation-home buying – is what’s converging to drive up prices in the Caribbean markets.

With the government making it as easy as possible, why wouldn’t you invest in Bahamas real estate?


  • English is the native language so that provides comfort for any potential home investor.
  • With many flights and boats coming in and out of Bahamas you can find that it is easily accessible to travel here or around the family Islands.
  • The Bahamas also serves as a major financial center with more than 400 banks and trust companies. Bahamas offshore banking is growing strong and perfectly legal as long as you keep things on the up and up with the tax authorities in your home country. The Bahamas is the closest offshore country to the United States and one of the wealthiest in the Caribbean region.
  • There are no taxes for sales, personal or corporate income, withholding, capital gains, gifts, employment or inheritance. The reason the country can afford to be so lenient with taxes is because most of their revenue comes from duties levied on imported goods.
  • The Bahamas’ offers 10 golf courses and year-round beautiful weather make the Islands ideal for golf any time. Ocean Club Estates is the newest and most intimate oceanfront and golf course community in The Bahamas. 18-hole par 72-championship golf course was designed by golf professional Tom Weiskopf and features meticulous seaside greens, alternating fairways and breathtaking signature holes stretched over 7,100 yards
  • The Bahamas accepts American dollars as easily as Bahamian dollars, so it is not necessary to exchange your dollars upon arrival if you are American.

It is truly amazing to know that you will always have your Bahamian home waiting for you. Gin clear waters were teaming with fish; you couldn't take a step on the gold, pink, and white sand beaches without noticing another pastel and perfect seashell. The amazing turquoise sea was the most delectable temperature for a long, lazy swim. New Providence and a number of other islands boast modern infrastructure, excellent telecommunications, and fine hotels and restaurants. The outer islands, known as the Family Islands, are less populated and more laid back. Today's Bahamas is one of quaint Island villages, great bone fishing and deep-sea fishing, incredible cruising and scuba diving grounds, and endless beaches and sunsets. It's also bustling with commerce, modern supermarkets, fine restaurants, shops, golf courses and casinos. A stable political environment and investor friendly policies have made this Island paradise one of the most desirable countries in which to live and invest.


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